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El cuidado y la experiencia de nuestro equipo AJE es evidente en cada corrección, comentario, ilustración e interacción de servicio al cliente. Examine los siguientes testimonios para ver por qué miles de investigadores académicos regresan a AJE para prepararse para su publicación.

Testimonios de Spain

S. Zaragoza

I had the pleasure to work with AJE working on my manuscript. They have done a great job and improved it substantially. Journal editor for the first time did not complain about language issues. I´m from Spain and my written English is not as would as I would like. They were really helpful. Thanks very much. I hope my paper is published soon! Sílvia Zaragoza Domingo

J. Santiago Sáez

Our paper has been accepted for publication in "Ecohydrology" two days ago. The paper received absolutely no objection to the english style. The feedback between AJE and me has been fluid and effective. I have only words of thanks and acknowledgment to the professionalism and human qualities of those who attended my work. José M. Santiago

D. Guinea-Martin

I have used AJE for editing one quantitative manuscript ("The joint effect of ethnicity and gender on occupational segregation", written together with Ricardo Mora and Javier Ruiz-Castillo, and published in Social Science Research, January 2015, vol.49) and one qualitative article (published online under the title of "Compassionate and egalitarian: The charity paradox in two voluntary associations" in the journal Ethnography in January 2014 and still pending of publication in print). The AJE editors knew how to adapt to the quite different style requirements that each of these two articles had. I specially appreciate the editors' kindness and responsiveness to any query I had once I received the manuscript with their corrections. Another plus on AJE's account is that two editors revise the manuscript. This gave me extra security about the editing. For these reason I now tell all my colleagues that are seeking English editing that they should contact AJE.

P. Ferrer

I asked AJE to edit our manuscript. I am very happy to say that they did an extraordinary job and that the manuscript has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Neuroepidemiology. AJE is an asset when coming to publish a manuscript, especially if English is not your mother tongue. Thank you.

M. Rodríguez

Very useful service, fast and accurate. I have only used the grammatical revision, but the other services look very interesting.

N. Abril

You have done an excellent work. I have recommended your site to several colleagues. Thank you very much.



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