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Get expert in-depth editing and strategic advice on your manuscript, review article, or grant proposal from a team of editors following the quality standards set by Nature Research. Scientific Editing includes a Premium-level language edit, a developmental edit, a quality assurance edit, and a summary report.

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Nature Research Editing Service

AJE is proud to offer three new services from our partners at Nature Research Editing Service. These services are designed to provide top-quality developmental editing and advice on manuscripts and grant applications in the natural sciences (medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences) and engineering.

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A team-based assessment of your manuscript’s needs

Scientific Editing team members meet to identify priority issues in the manuscript and discuss how the priorities can be addressed. We leave comments about additional documents provided for editing, such as cover letters or responses to reviewers. We provide insights into how readers, peer reviewers, and journal editors might view your paper.

A thorough developmental edit

The Scientific Editing team provides strategic developmental edits to improve the structure and clarity of the logical argumentation. Take advantage of the incisive comments from our team recommending further author revisions to maximize your manuscript’s effectiveness. We will also improve English grammar to ensure your ideas are conveyed clearly.

A thorough strategic report

We provide thorough explanations of the prioritized issues identified in your paper, how we addressed them and (if necessary) how you might be able to address them further.

Continued support after Scientific Editing

After you have received Scientific Editing, considered the advice, and made changes, we provide one free language edit (for field-specific grammar, phrasing, and punctuation correction) within 6 months of the completion of the initial order. You may also want to purchase Figure Formatting or Manuscript Formatting.

AJE is trusted by the most respected names in scientific publishing

We’re also Nature’s preferred provider of author services.

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Sample edits

Download one of our sample files to see the types of suggestions and edits made by our scientific editors

Scientific Editing Document

Scientific Editing Report

Where our customers publish

  • Advanced Functional Materials
  • Cancer Research
  • Developmental Cell
  • Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  • Energy and Environmental Science
  • Genome Biology
  • Geophysical Research Letters
  • Immunity
  • Journal of Experimental Medicine
  • Nano Letters
  • Nature
  • Nature Climate Change
  • Nature Communications
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature Geoscience
  • Nature Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States
  • Science
  • Science Advances

The complete scientific manuscript editing service

Get in-depth editing and strategic advice on your document from a team of editors following the Nature Research quality standards.

A scientific consultation among our team of editors with advanced degrees

A team of editors with advanced degrees and experience in your field carefully assess your manuscript and any accompanying information.

A substantive in-depth assessment of your scientific manuscript

Based on the priorities identified in the team meeting, experienced members of the Scientific Editing team examine the text in significant detail.

Customized to the needs of each scientific manuscript

Use our custom report to see the changes we made and why we made them.

Trusted by researchers and universities to help their science stand out

Our team of editors with advanced degrees tend to the needs of individual researchers and institutions alike. Check out other AJE services to polish all aspects of your research.

An AJE scientific editing expert after professionally editing a research manuscript that was published in a high impact journal

How does Scientific Editing stand out?

See why researchers around the world use Scientific Editing for their manuscripts

Three AJE partners

Examines all aspects of your scientific document

Includes a detailed report with feedback and, for journal manuscripts, publishing advice and journal recommendations based on our editors’ detailed assessment of your findings.

Uses field-specific editors with advanced degrees, editing to quality standards set by Nature Research

Nature Research has the highest standards in scientific research. We’re proud to work with them to provide the best academic editing services.

Ask our team questions

After you’ve received your Scientific Edit, we’re happy to answer questions you may have regarding our work.

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your work. You did really an excellent job. What I liked in particular was that you gave comments with substantial suggestions how to improve. Although I have published till now quite a number of scientific papers (>300) and many of them in high impact journals I learned a lot throughout this. I Iook forward to future cooperation of mutual benefit."

Full Professor

University of Bayreuth · Germany

"The report with the feedback summarizing edits and comments is very informative. We appreciate a lot your editor’s work, with changes tracked and comments on the text improving clearly our manuscript. Finally, your recommendations concerning the most appropriate journal for publication will decidedly help us for the next submission of our manuscript."

Research Director

CNRS/Team Leader · Sorbonne University · France

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Frequently asked questions

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The AJE Guarantee

We strive to give you the best possible service for your academic manuscript.

Our Quality Guarantee

The completed manuscript you receive from AJE’s editing services is covered by our editing guarantee. We guarantee that if your language-edited paper is rejected by a journal because of the English alone, and we believe that you have made a good faith effort to incorporate our changes, we will provide one free language re-edit. Please note that the Developmental Editing step is not included in this guarantee.

Confidentiality assured

We never show your paper to anyone outside of the Scientific Editing team. You can be confident when you submit to a journal, the journal editor's decision will be independent and fair.

One free edit within 6 months of purchase

After you have made changes based on the scientific editor’s comments, we will perform a lanugage edit to your revised paper one time for free within 6 months of your original order.

Provide us with examples

If you are ever unhappy with our editing, we will work with you until you are satisfied. In such cases, please contact our customer support via any of our support channels and provide one or two specific examples or a few details about what is unsatisfactory. We will be happy to work with you to find the best solution.

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Further assistance for researchers

Visit our AJE Scholar Author Resource Center for articles on preparing your manuscript, thesis, or grant.