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AJE is an author-focused company dedicated to improving the way research is communicated. Our services are designed to help you meet your career goals by removing barriers to publication and helping your research reach more readers. Your success is our passion.

An AJE editor reading the impact her work has done on the research community

Our outstanding team of editors, formatting specialists, illustrators, and academics continues to define excellence in our industry. We're headquartered in the heart of the Research Triangle in Durham, North Carolina, USA, and our team has received advanced degrees from major US universities, including Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Stanford. Since 2004, we've edited over half a million manuscripts while maintaining the highest standards of quality, and our customers have been published in a variety of top SCI journals.

When you choose AJE, our services don't stop after you receive your files. In addition to the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry, our MS and PhD Research Communication Partners and Customer Support Representatives are with you all the way through publication. Our multilingual support team is willing to help with any questions you have.

AJE is the preferred editing service of Nature Journals. We have established relationships with the world's largest and most prestigious publishers, SCI journals, and societies. In fact, 65 of the 100 highest Impact Factor journals recommend AJE over our competitors. While doing business with these companies and organizations, we have learned how to better serve you as authors and how to make research communication faster, fairer, and more useful for all.

You can trust that we will keep your work confidential and maintain your reputation in the scholarly community. In addition to being an active member of COPE and a thought leader on ethical practices in the publication industry, we stand by our ethics guidelines in everything we do.

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Our commitment to quality is at the center of everything we do. 100% of papers submitted to AJE are edited by highly trained, in-house staff. We pride ourselves on having the best team in the industry, and our editors bring years of experience and expertise to every order.

Nicole Rocco, MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nicole Rocco


"Every day at AJE is rewarding. Language shouldn't be a barrier in science, and I love that my work as an editor helps make the publication process fairer and easier for researchers around the world."

Jennifer Kirchhoff, PhD, Florida State University

Jennifer Kirchhoff


"The support and expertise of my colleagues provide a strong knowledge pool and base on which you can rely."

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