AJE is dedicated to providing high-quality author services to the research and academic communities. We specialize in helping researchers, scientists, and scholars to communicate their findings with a variety of services for a wide range of areas of study.


What is the AJE certificate program?

AJE will provide a certificate confirming that your paper was edited by a native English speaker at AJE. The certificate also signifies that your manuscript is ready for journal submission, assuming all of the proposed changes are incorporated into the manuscript. It will allow journal editors to feel confident that the English language in your paper has been reviewed and improved where necessary.

The certificate is granted for documents in which the language quality is ready for publication. If your paper is not ready for submission after the first round of editing, we will work with you through additional rounds of editing to ensure that every paper receives a certificate.

AJE Guarantee

We believe in our customers and the work that you do. We know how demanding it can be, and we are resolved to help by providing quality and dependable author services that you can trust. That is why we offer you the following commitments.

EDITING: The completed manuscript you receive from AJE's editing services is covered by our editing guarantee. If your edited paper is rejected by your journal for English language errors, we promise to re-edit your document for free. It should be noted that material added to your paper after our editors work on your manuscript is not included in this guarantee. For this reason, we recommend that you send us your final draft when you make a new submission.

FORMATTING: We guarantee that your paper will be formatted according to your target journal’s guidelines, and we will provide comments describing any missing elements that are required for submission. If the editor of your target journal mentions any problems with the formatting of your paper, we will reformat your paper for free.

TRANSLATION: Every paper submitted for our Translation service is eligible to receive an AJE Editing Certificate, and we guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your manuscript, or if the journal says that the English needs improvement, we will re-edit it for free, no questions asked, until your manuscript is published.

FIGURE PREPARATION: We guarantee that the formatted figures and tables that you receive will meet the stated specifications of the journal that you selected. If the journal does have any issues with the preparation of your figures or tables, we will resolve those issues for free.