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Our customers have been published in the top Academic Journals. AJE has edited hundreds of thousands of academic papers in more than 2,000 areas of study, and 65 of the 100 highest Impact Factor journals recommend AJE over competitors. We’ve helped researchers get better results with their academic literature. Hand in your dissertation with confidence after using AJE’s Professional Academic English Language Editing Service or AJE’s Automated Digital Editing.

A finished Thesis or Dissertation can be hundreds of pages long and take years to produce. Don't lose marks over grammar or other common mistakes. AJE's subject-specific editors have helped students all over the world get better marks on their academic papers. Let your thesis shine for its academic ingenuity!

AJE's goal is to help researchers spend less time editing their English and more time doing the research that drives society forward. Our on-staff dissertation editing experts are native English speakers with advanced degrees. Your paper will be matched with a subject-specific editor ensuring the correct use of field-specific terminology. We will ensure that your academic thesis or dissertation reads clearly and is free from English errors. Such as formatting problems, grammatical Errors, jargon, and paragraph organization. Our editors and illustrators can polish the language of your thesis and create high-quality figures to convey your data, saving you time to focus on other things.

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