Journal Recommendation

Our team of academic experts will help you select the most appropriate journal for your article based on topic, scope, impact, and your specific publishing goals.

AJE’s Journal Recommendation service includes a detailed report on 3 journals that is compiled by experts within the field and then reviewed by our in-house team of journal experts. We will ensure that all journals selected are well matched to your article’s findings and your publication goals. The report will be returned to you in 4 business days and will feature the following for each recommended journal:

  • Journal scope
  • Journal impact factor
  • Article types accepted by the journal
  • A list of similar articles published by the journal
  • How well your paper adheres to the journal guidelines
  • Geographic focus of the journal
  • Link to the journal website
  • Rationale for including the journal in the report
  • How well the journal adheres to your requirements
  • Open Access Options

This list can be used as a guide to help you choose the best journal for your manuscript.

Download an example Journal Recommendation report


$150 for a full Journal Recommendation report on 3 suggested journals, returned in 4 business days


Do you guarantee that my paper will be accepted by one of the journals you recommend?

Our Journal Recommendation report is designed to provide useful information about journals that may be a good fit for your paper based on the content of your work. Acceptance by a journal will be determined entirely by the journal’s editorial staff, not AJE. The AJE Journal Recommendation service is journal-independent and will not communicate directly with journal Editors about your manuscript. We are here to support you throughout the publication process but cannot guarantee journal acceptance.

Can you evaluate the merit of my manuscript and provide recommendations accordingly?

We do not perform peer review of your manuscript as part of the Journal Recommendation service; however, if you provide a range of impact factors, we will do our best to provide recommendations that meet your publishing goals.

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