Figure and Table Formatting: Meet the Requirements of your Target Journal

Our figure experts are highly skilled in the creation of scientific and academic figures that meet the requirements of high-impact journals. Receive expert support from leading professional illustrators with academic publishing experience. We will format your figures to help present your data clearly and clarify the meaning of your research.

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Figure and Table Formatting

We get your figures and tables ready for publication.

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Our expert designers will format your figures to meet the requirements of high-impact journals

Whether you have existing figure files that need to comply with journal guidelines or you want to create brand new illustrations, graphical abstracts, or posters, our team can help. We specialize in delivering figures, illustrations, and graphics that meet the standards of leading SCI-listed journals to increase the clarity of your research.

Clearly present your research

Our Table Formatting service produces properly formatted tables that adhere to your target journal's guidelines.

We review every aspect of your figures and tables

Our illustrators adjust the file type, resolution, color space, font, scale, line weights, layout, spacing, borders, and shading of your figures and tables to accurately and efficiently communicate your results.

Our experts will guide you through every step of the process

We are committed to your success. After your figures have been formatted, we will continue to answer any questions you have about the work we have completed.

Preferred by the world’s leading publishers

AJE is the preferred editing service for Springer Nature and many other leading publishers. We are trusted to improve manuscript quality, making it easier for editors to assess and process manuscripts quickly and fairly.

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Sample Figure and Table Formatting

Download samples from our Figure Formatting service to see how you could benefit.

Formatting sample

In these examples, you can see the changes we made to figure layout, headings, and bar graphs to make these more legible.

How to get the best results from our figure services

Learn more about Figure Formatting

Provide editable files for tables, graphs, or diagrams

Please provide all figures in the original file type they were created in (such as .xlsx or .pptx) or in an editable/vector format (such as .eps or .pdf). You may need to export data from your analysis software rather than saving as an image.

Provide the highest-resolution images available

Original image files may be in .tif, .jpg, or .png format. These files should never be embedded in Word or PowerPoint documents, as that will reduce their quality.

Let us know your target journal

Our experts will use your target journal’s specific guidelines to format your figures to their exact requirements.

Consider the size restrictions of your chosen journal

It is best to plan for your illustration to fit onto one page of a print journal. If you include too many elements in a single illustration, your order may be delayed while we ask you to decide how to divide it into two or more illustrations.

Please only upload figures or tables that require formatting

Please upload only the figures you would like our team to format. For example, if you include ten figures and two tables but only order formatting for three items, your order may be delayed while we clarify which items you wish to have formatted. You may also leave a note on your order to let us know which figures and/or tables to format.

Three AJE partners

“My editor was fantastic. Since I am an international student, I needed help with wordiness, verb use and awkward sentences. Without changing my idea, the editor suggested correction and indicated where revision was necessary. He also offered better use of words suitable to academic papers. Very recommended.”

Mirit E.

University of California Los Angeles

"I am very pleased with AJE's English editing service. I have used this service in all my publications, and I am excited to use it again. I can say that AJE's work is critical because the review identifies errors that are not obvious to those who have English as a second language. The team is accessible throughout the review process, has a high level of technicality and professionalism, so I acknowledge AJE's merit for significantly improving the quality of my manuscripts. I highly recommend their services"

Bruno Ricardo Barreto Pires

MD | Oncology

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Frequently asked questions

Quick answers from our team on our Figures and Table Formatting service.

The AJE Guarantee

We’re committed to helping you succeed.

Free corrections

We guarantee the formatted figures and tables you receive will meet the stated specifications of your target journal.


If your journal has any issues with the preparation of your figures or tables, we will re-format your figures or tables for free.

Contact us

Please contact us if there are any problems with your formatted manuscript. If a journal mentions formatting as a problem, please include the file that you sent to the journal and all the comments from the journal.

Customer support is here for you

Our customer service team is here for any concern that you may have.

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Further assistance for researchers

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