About AJE

American Journal Experts (AJE) is part of Research Square, founded in 2004 in Durham NC.

We have helped thousands of international researchers to eliminate language barriers and get their work published in the best journals in the world.

Our mission is improving the way discoveries are shared by the international research community — by identifying areas for improvement within the ongoing cycle of research, publishing, and discovery.

Our Editing Process

From start to finish, we offer unparalleled customer support, including a dedicated team of PhDs to answer your questions about preparing, submitting, and publishing research manuscripts.


You write your manuscript draft.


We carefully match your manuscript to experts in your area of study.


We edit your paper to improve phrasing and remove grammar and writing errors.

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Our rigorous quality control process ensures that your manuscript meets our high standards of excellence.


You receive a manuscript ready for publication in a top international journal.

Our team

We are a company of academics dedicated to helping other researchers communicate their work. We know the challenges of publishing research, so we continually work together to follow the latest trends in research communication to provide you with the best services possible.