Grant Services

We understand that funding is the cornerstone of every successful research program. To succeed in this competitive landscape, it is critical to effectively communicate the broader impact of your work, the soundness of your proposal, and alignment with the funder's mission.

We are here to help. Our team will leverage years of successful grant-writing experience to improve the written and visual communication in your proposal to ensure that reviewers quickly understand the importance of your work.

Communicate the impact of your proposal

  • Expert advice on your executive summary
  • Creation of infographics or figures to summarize your ideas and to clearly present preliminary data
  • Emphasis on communicating your proposal's impact throughout the narrative

Refine your proposal around the funder requirements

  • Evaluation of the proposal's alignment with the funder's mission
  • Evaluation of the funder's application criteria and advice on areas to strengthen
  • Evaluation of content against application requirements and help with word count reduction

Create a concise and polished written document

  • Language editing to correct grammar and optimize writing style and flow
  • Copy editing to create a consistent and unified voice throughout the application
  • Expert advice to help improve the logic and clarity of the information presented
Robert Donovan, PhD
To learn more about our grant services, request more information from our Team Manager, Robert Donovan, PhD

Meet our grant services team

At AJE, we never outsource your grant project to contractors. Instead, we assemble a team of professional in-house experts who will work with you to meet your specific needs.

Funder Experience

The AJE grant team has experience working with many major funders, including:

  • NASA
  • NIH
  • NSF
  • NIDA
  • NIMH
  • DoD
  • DOE
  • NEA
  • NEFA
  • AHA
  • US Air Force
  • CARES Act
  • Cottrell
  • International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
  • International Arctic Sciences Committee
  • Office of Naval Research
  • NSF Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Science Research
  • NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences
  • Department of Education (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program)
  • Chicago Biomedical Consortium
  • Indiana Academy of Sciences
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Michigan Tech Water Sciences Center
  • Florida Invasive Pest Plant Council
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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