Ethical Author Services

At AJE, we will act with integrity and honesty in everything we do. We promise to provide high-quality, trusted, and ethical author services to prepare your work for publication in accordance with the principles of publication ethics.

Standard and Premium Language Editing

AJE will:

AJE will not:

  • Provide language editing focused on
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Phrasing
    • Diction
    • Articles
  • Comment upon inconsistencies
  • Maintain the author’s voice, word choice, style, and meaning
  • Provide expertise in the field of study
  • Provide suggestions for unclear sentences/grammar
  • Add or remove spacing between words
  • Comment upon corrections that may be needed to figures and tables
  • Write any portion of the paper
  • Perform content review
  • Identify or address plagiarism
  • Interpret data
  • Organize the paper
  • Make global changes throughout the paper to verb tense or author voice
  • Reduce word count
  • Perform copy editing (journal-specific requirements, like serial commas)
  • Interpret data or draw conclusions
  • Accept machine translated papers
  • Submit papers on your behalf
  • Become an author on the paper
  • Edit data, variables or numbers, references, or author affiliations

* Note that services that write or rewrite papers without full transparency about their role are acting unethically and that employing this type of unethical service could lead to paper retraction and other risks to your reputation.

** You do not need to include your AJE editors as authors on your paper. Because our editors perform only English language editing, and not content editing and other tasks that merit authorship, they do not qualify for authorship status according to the guidelines outlined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). However, you are welcome to acknowledge AJE’s assistance in your paper

Figures and Illustration Services

AJE will:

AJE will not:

  • Ensure figures comply with journal guidelines by changing:
  • File type
  • Resolution
  • Color space
  • Font
  • Scale
  • Line weights
  • Layout
  • Work with authors to create original artwork and short animations based on the data or model in the paper
  • Change brightness, contrast, or color balance
  • Crop images
  • Vectorize a plot or graph unless we are confident that we can do it with extremely high fidelity
  • Vectorize any primary data, such as spectra or other direct output from laboratory equipment


AJE will:

AJE will not:

  • Format your manuscript’s layout, citations, and references in accordance with journal guidelines
  • Reorder your citations and references as needed
  • Fix incorrect information in references based on information in published databases
  • Add missing references
  • Format an ambiguous reference
  • Complete documents such as authorship forms, conflict of interest forms, or CONSORT/PRISMA forms

* We are happy to re-format your references free of charge if additional references are added during the review process

Our Partners

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