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Journal editors say more than 50% of papers submitted to them need English Editing. The majority of those editors say they recommend the team of PhDs at AJE to provide the support their authors need based on our reputation of quality and our commitment to customer experience.

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  • AJE papers are edited by experienced professional editors who are experts in their field.
  • 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • A majority of editors say that AJE delivered very high quality editing services
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Trusted by researchers, universities, and journal editors alike

Kelly Stefani, MD, PhD

Scientific Journal of the Foot and Ankle

"Our journal has been using the services of AJE for over 2 years because the service is top notch. AJE offers a high quality, timely, confident and friendly service that is focused on the needs of journal and authors. I am proud to recommend AJE as a partner."

Sehnaz Baltaci Goktalay, PhD

Associate Professor & Office of the Rectorate
Uludag University, Turkey

"AJE was the only editing company that had the expertise we were looking for to edit articles from almost every field. We tried a few editing services when making our decision. AJE was the best in quality and the price was appropriate."

Quanpeng Zhang

Associate Professor
Hainan Medical University (海南医学院)

AJE is really very good. Thanks to AJE, my paper has been polished and published smoothly. I think AJE is serious, meticulous and professional. I strongly recommend AJE for those who need it.

Our Guarantee

The AJE Guarantee

AJE team members are experts in their field of study and fully understand the importance of publication. Our experience helps us provide the best service for our customers. We stand behind our approach to quality, and all of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Industry-leading Ethics Policy

AJE is deeply committed to ethical practices in our business and throughout research. Our team steadfastly upholds an ethical approach in the delivery of all of our services. We refuse to engage in unethical content and practices at all costs because nothing is worth compromising our personal and professional integrity.

Quality and Consistency

At AJE, we rely on a lifetime of research expertise that is developed in the field or lab and then supplement it with expertise in order to meet every aspect of research services. We have carefully developed policies and processes that add value for our customers at every step of the way. Our policies allow for consistency and reasonable flexibility to fulfill customer needs. Our focus on quality and flexibility in procedure imparts consistency to our services and our customers’ experience while allowing our editors to shine.

The Proof is In Our People

AJE papers are edited by experienced professional editors who are experts in their field. We do not use contractors for manuscript editing. This ensures the highest level of quality more consistently delivered. We are headquartered in the US with over 250 US-trained researchers as employees, ensuring that your research will be reviewed by knowledgeable and trusted native English-speaking field experts committed to providing great quality, timeliness and an exceptional customer experience.

Our Training Process

Through rigorous and ongoing training, we take researchers and turn them into top editors in the industry.

Meet the team of people invested in your success

Our highly-trained, in-house editors are experts in 447 areas of study and over 2000 field-specific topics. You can trust that the person working on your paper is not only an expert in English but also fluent in the language and conventions in your field. AJE editors bring years of experience to every order.

Celia Pastoriza

Celia Pastoriza

MBA, MIT Sloan School

"One of the best things about my job is the opportunity to be engaged with cutting-edge research on a daily basis. Our authors are making a difference with their work, and I am proud to support them."

Michael Machczynski

Michael Machczynski

PhD, California Institute of Technology

"The best part about AJE is the people—I work with a positive, talented team that's dedicated to meeting customer needs. We love to read about the great research being done and help it become published: Our customers make exciting discoveries that the world needs to hear about!"

Zohreh Kermani

Zohreh Kermani

PhD, Harvard University

"I love helping customers polish their fascinating original research into clear, concise, grammatically correct manuscripts so that reviewers can focus on the author's work."

Carolyn Bentley

Carolyn Bentley

PhD, Duke University

"I love getting to help so many researchers get their work published and learning about all the amazing research being conducted around the world."

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Why We're Different

AJE is an author-focused company dedicated to improving the way research is communicated. Our services are designed to help you meet your career goals by removing barriers to publication and helping your research reach more readers.

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