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El cuidado y la experiencia de nuestro equipo AJE es evidente en cada corrección, comentario, ilustración e interacción de servicio al cliente. Examine los siguientes testimonios para ver por qué miles de investigadores académicos regresan a AJE para prepararse para su publicación.

Testimonios de Russia

O. Marakusheva

AJE is the team of professionals. I am very grateful to them for really high-quality editing. I will undoubtedly recommend AJE' services to my colleagues. O. Zherebtsova Russia

D. Pichugina

Every scientist is intended to make his results and ideas comprehensible for other researchers. Nowadays, English is a language of the World Science and chemistry in particular. Researchers of different nationalities worldwide read and prepare scientific articles and communicate with each other in English. Similarly to the majority of scientists, we are not English native speakers; therefore, we are not always convinced in the use of articles and expressions, we have doubts about the accuracy of punctuation and style. This was our first fundamental manuscript prepared for the leading scientific Journal of ACS. I fully realized that erroneous or inaccurate expressions could lead to an incorrect understanding of the obtained results and conclusions. Our manuscript had to be a revised version corrected by experts; this fact made us search for an editing service. We have selected American Journal Experts (AJE) out of a variety of available services for a couple of reasons: conveniently arranged web-site, lots of editing options, affordable prices. The content of the FAQ section and responses of other authors have also influenced our decision. The instructions for customers are clearly identified; we didn’t face any problems submitting the manuscript for editing and paying for the service. We submitted our manuscript for the Premium Document Editing. The comments we received from the editors were very helpful; we are going to take them into consideration preparing our future manuscripts. The Company followed all the agreements identified in the web-site. We find the ratio price of the service to its quality acceptable. We would like to thank the editors of AJE for the fast editing of our manuscript. We are really satisfied working with AJE and we have already recommended this service to our colleagues. The manuscript edited by AJE experts was successfully accepted in a couple of days after submission. We are delighted to present the results of our work to other scientists and we hope that our experience of cooperation with AJE will be helpful for other authors.

E. Denisov

Thank you very much for so detailed and scrupulous analysis of submitted papers! My experience with AJE is little, but I have already made great progress for this short time. Two papers, one of which is an invited review on book “Tumor Suppressor Genes”, have been extremely quickly accepted for publication. Undoubtedly, it is the great merit of AJE! Once again many thanks and best wishes in your future work!

E. Sinauridze

I am very grateful to colleagues from AJE. After their correction our manuscript was accepted without any reproofs. I liked the quality of this correction. It is clear, that our text has been in the hands of the specialists. I think , that this service is very helpful for many researchers, and I will strongly recomend it to all my colleagues. PhD. Elena Sinauridze, Leading researcher of the National Reseach Center for Hematology, Moscow, Russia

A. Boronin

AJE makes a good deal helping us with publishing scientific papers. My experince to work with AJE is about 3 years. My opinion is very positive because quality of English is very high. All my manuscripts after AJE treatments were accepted to journals for reviewing and publishing. A. Boronin Russia

V. Bulgakov

My two-year cooperation with AJE yielded a persistent good result: 14 submissions were carefully and friendly revised and many papers were accepted by leading biotechnology journals. Your service, dear colleagues from AJE, is very useful for us. Most important - I can write manuscripts freely, using complex sentences and some idioms. Thank you very much! Victor Bulgakov, Vladivostok, Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Science.



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