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El cuidado y la experiencia de nuestro equipo AJE es evidente en cada corrección, comentario, ilustración e interacción de servicio al cliente. Examine los siguientes testimonios para ver por qué miles de investigadores académicos regresan a AJE para prepararse para su publicación.

Testimonios de Norway

C. Trivedi

Hei, I am Chirag Trivedi and ancient customer of American Journal Experts. My all research articles have been English proofread by AJE editors. So far none of them is rejected. I am still continue using AJE services. I am even not intend to change AJE for coming hundreds of years of my life.

G. Hasle

I always send my manuscripts to AJE before submitting them to scientific journals. I am impressed by the detailed knowledge the AJE staff possedes. A fast and competent service to an affordable price.

J. Odeck

Through the years, I have used several proofreaders to edit my scientific papers and I have experienced mixed results. Some have been good in terms of language corrections made but the subject matter has been pulverized. Others have suggested remedies that are far much worse than my original submission. My first encounter with AJE a few months ago has proved to be what I have been searching for quite a long time. AJE uses language experts who also are experts in my field such that their suggestions are not only confined to the language but substantive issues as well. I am very happy that I discovered AJE and I now feel confident when submitting my articles to journals.

Y. Moerch

This is the first time I use AJE for a manuscript. I am very pleased with their work and I highly recommend their services. I will definitively recommend them to my colleages and will use them myself for my future manuscripts.



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