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Back to School Resource Round-Up

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School is back in session, and your projects are in full swing. You likely have a few new labmates and a plethora of experiments to keep you busy (use these tips to make the most of your lab time). You may have even begun writing your manuscript.

Wherever you are in the research process, or school year, here are a few resources to help you organize your research and strengthen your manuscript.

Back to School Resources for Researchers:

1. 3 Ways to Make the Research Writing Process Easier

Even though you spend hours each day in the lab, putting your results into words isn’t always easy. There are a few tactics that you can use to help with this process. Learn 3 things you can do to make make writing about your research more efficient.

2. Using Color in Figures [Video]

Many journals publish articles digitally, even if they print their publication as well. This has allowed researchers to use color to create more aesthetically-appealing figures. In this video, learn best practices and techniques for adding color to your figures.

3. 12 Tips for Accelerating Manuscript Publication

What if you could speed up the time it takes to compile data, write, and finalize your manuscript? Well, you can. You may not be overhauling the entire process, as research still takes plenty of time, but there are several actions you can take to make the process more efficient and reduce the time it takes to submitting for publication.

4. Choosing Right Journal for Your Research

Aiming for the right journal from the start is incredibly useful. The time involved from submission to acceptance can take up to 242 days, depending on the area of study. So submitting your manuscript to a journal whose scope your research is aligned with can greatly improve the submission and publication process. Here are some thoughts to consider when looking for a journal.

Conference Resources

Are you planning to attend a conference this year? If you have any in your schedule, find out how you can make the most of your experience. Additionally, if you are presenting, watch this video to get tips for making a great research poster!

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