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The First Thing You Should Consider When Writing Your Manuscript

3 questions to help you get started as you write your research manuscript.


How Collaborative Reading Can Increase Your Productivity and Visibility in Research

Learn how collaborative reading helps researchers to read faster and more productively. Collaborative reading can help researchers network and increase the impact of their work.


How Language Affects Research [Plus a Survey]

Many researchers experience pressure to publish their work in English, even if it is a challenge. Here, we discuss why and provide resources to help.


The Impact of Research [Video]

In this video, two researchers from Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill discuss the impact of research.


The Business of Research [Infographic]

Infographic with recent data on gross expenditure on research and development, the number of researchers over time, and the economic impact of research


3 Things to Consider When Doing Peer Review

Here are things to consider, plus a free resource, to help you provide great peer review.


Back to School Resource Round-Up

Resources to help you succeed in writing and submitting your reseasrch manuscript for publication.


Best Tips for Publishing Research: Advice from Global Researchers

Tips on publishing research crowd-sourced from researchers across the globe.


The Top 10 Resources for Researchers from AJE in 2017

View the 10 most popular resources from AJE in 2017.


Collaboration in Research: Benefits and Examples [Video]

In this video, we share advice on how to find collaborators in research, and we discuss the benefits of collaborating.


Tips on Writing in English for Researchers [Video Series]

Sign up to receive this video series about writing in English. Topics include proper subject-verb agreement, using articles, using the word ‘respectively', and how to use hyphens.


Guidelines for Using Figures and Tables in Your Research Manuscript [Free Downloadable Guide Included]

Learn how to use reproduced and adapted research figures and tables in your manuscript.


5 Women Who Are Significantly Impacting Science

Many women have been leaders in scientific discoveries and improvements. Read about 5 women from around the globe who have impacted their fields.


The Top 14 Resources for Researchers [from AJE]

View the top 14 resources for researchers from AJE.

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