The Impact of Research [Video]

Metrics are often used to quantify the impact of a person's research, but the impact of research goes beyond numbers. In this video, two researchers share how their work is shaping science, as well as how research has impacted them.

Updated on July 30, 2017

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How is the impact of a person's research measured?

Can a person's work be quantified by a series of numbers: their H-index, Altmetric score, or the Impact Factor? Although there is nothing inherently wrong with each of these metrics, we believe that there is more to researchers' work than a profile of numbers.

Researchers devote their lives to their work and are dedicated to improving the knowledge in their area of study and around the globe. Despite the long hours and tedious work, researchers know that what they are doing is making an impact.

As we explored this theme of how the impact of research extends beyond numbers, we spoke to two researchers about the impact of their work. In the following video, they discuss how their research is shaping our world, and in turn, how research has affected them.

We believe that understanding the reach and span of a person's work is important, and some of the metrics that are in place can help provide those insights. But we also believe that the impact of research cannot be summed up with just a handful of numbers when science, medicine, and our world are all being affected by the great work that is being done.

Thanks to John Rawls, PhD from the Duke University Medical Center, Rawls Lab and to Ashley Bone, PhD Candidate from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Cotter Lab.

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