The Top 10 Resources for Researchers from AJE in 2017

View the most popular resources for researchers in 2017.

Updated on November 20, 2017

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2017 was an exciting year for research! Discoveries and breakthroughs which hold great promise for society were made, and researchers across the globe contributed significantly to many their areas of study.

To begin, researchers successfully devised a solar-powered machine that can extract water from air with humidity levels as low as 20%. This is already powerful technology, and as it develops, it could be used as a clean water solution for communities around the globe.

Researchers also published information about a study in which they successfully and safely altered disease-causing genes. As researchers continue to build on this new discovery, it could help alleviate many diseases and could positively change the medical course for people and their families. Other breakthroughs in science range from developments in artificial intelligence to launching into space with recycled rockets.

2017 was also a great year for the AJE team! We kicked it off by participating in the March for Science rallies (members from our team pictured below). We had the opportunity to continue working with fantastic researchers around the globe and exceed the 500,000 count for all the papers that AJE has edited.

AJE employees at a March for Science rally in 2017

Finally, we were able to continue connecting with and supporting researchers by providing helpful resources here on our Author Resource Center. In doing so, we decided to take a look at and share the top resources in 2017.

10 Most Popular AJE Resources in 2017:

10. Best Tips for Publishing Research: Advice from Global Researchers

5 researchers share their expertise on how to overcome challenges to publishing one's research.

9. Video: The Impact of Research

In this video, 2 researchers discuss their work and the impact of research.

8. Gaining Peer Review Experience

Use these ideas to increase your experience as a peer reviewer.

7. How to Write a Grant That Will Get Funded

Here are top tips to help you write your next grant.

6. 3 Things to Consider When Doing Peer Review

Here are 3 elements to keep in mind when providing peer review.

5. How Language Affects Research [Plus a Survey]

View data from the DOAJ and our discussion on language in academic publishing.

4. Understanding Clinical Studies: Obtaining Approval, Registering the Study, and Reporting the Results

Learn more about the types of clinical studies, as well as how to obtain approval for and report the results of them.

3. Back to School Resource Round-Up

Use these resources for writing your manuscript and choosing a journal.

2. Infographic: The Business of Research

View this infographic with information about global spending on research and how research impacts economic growth.

1. Writing a Journal Cover Letter [Free Template]

Find instructions and a template for writing a cover letter when submitting your manuscript to a journal.

We are glad that these resources have been helpful to researchers this year. We look forward to publishing more next year to continue to support researchers in effectively communicating their work!

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