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8 Ways to Create a Powerful Research Poster [Video]

Watch our video for tips on using white space, color, organization, and fonts for your research poster.

We’ve all seen them – the research posters that stand out above the rest.

It’s not even that the research is better than everyone else’s. But the way they’ve laid it out in a 36”x48” format – so clear and with such complementing colors – makes you want to stop and take a second look. Having a powerful poster can help you make a strong impression.

So what are the components of a compelling research poster? The video below discusses 8 elements to use in your next design.

8 Ways to Create a Powerful Research Poster

Prepare for your Poster Session

If you are applying to a specific conference, make sure you follow their guidelines for font size, poster dimensions, etc. All conferences are different, and though many times you can use the same poster for multiple conferences, you may need to tweak a few things for each one.

Also, as you prepare your talking points, remember to align them with the flow of content on your poster. The story you are telling about your research should align in both your visuals and your speech.

Having a well-designed poster can give you the confidence you need when presenting your research to an audience. Remember that your session is the perfect opportunity to share your research and make connections with other researchers!

If you’d like to know more about how AJE can help you with preparing your poster, click here.

Thanks to Jessie McDonald, Stacie Meaux, and Theresa Andersen for contributing to this video and article. For more information about AJE’s Video Abstract service, visit our website. You can also view more videos from AJE on our YouTube channel.

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