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Reputation is important in the research community. World-class publishers like Springer Nature trust AJE to deliver high-quality English editing and manuscript preparation services to their authors.

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An Efficient Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Uncapacitated Continuous Location-Allocation Problem

a stack of academic journals

CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians

Impact Factor: 286.13

Game theory-based model for maximizing SSP utility in cognitive radio networks

a stack of academic journals

New England Journal of Medicine

Impact factor: 176.079

The impact of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to improve physical health outcomes in people with schizophrenia: a meta-review of meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials

a stack of academic journals

World Psychiatry

Impact factor: 79.683

Enterobacter spp.: Update on Taxonomy, Clinical Aspects, and Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance

a stack of academic journals

Clinical Microbiology Reviews

Impact factor: 50.129

The de Winter Electrocardiogram Pattern Evolving From Hyperacute T Waves

a stack of academic journals

JAMA Internal Medicine

Impact factor: 44.409

Adrenocortical carcinoma - towards genomics guided clinical care

a stack of academic magazines

Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Impact factor: 47.564

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Bruno Ricardo Barreto Pires


"I am very pleased with AJE's English editing service. I have used this service in all my publications, and I am excited to use it again. I can say that AJE's work is critical because the review identifies errors that are not obvious to those who have English as a second language. The team is accessible throughout the review process, has a high level of technicality and professionalism, so I acknowledge AJE's merit for significantly improving the quality of my manuscripts. I highly recommend their services"

Gangxiong Wu


"When I used to submit papers to SCI top journals (although I repeatedly modified them many times) I still worried about my English professional proficiency. I searched the Internet for a common English-language retouching service. After comparison, I found that AJE is the best. On the one hand, they are real native English speakers; in addition, they are fair and reasonable. They are also very professional and efficient. The editor carefully revised and changed my grammar and spelling mistakes in detail, and modified some of my expressions to make it more professional. After the revision, the paper was much smoother to read, and I learned a lot about writing in English. Sure enough, my paper was successfully accepted by top journal the first time I submitted with the help of AJE. I am especially grateful to the AJE team members for their help."

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Our highly-trained, in-house editors are experts in 447 areas of study and over 2000 field-specific topics. You can trust that the person working on your paper is not only an expert in English but also fluent in the language and conventions in your field. AJE editors bring years of experience to every order, and our commitment to quality is unparalleled.

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We have supported authors like you on over 90,000 papers in the physical sciences.

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With experts in over 400 academic fields, AJE has helped authors publish papers about finance, entrepreneurship, criminal law, and tax law in high-impact journals.

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AJE has helped authors publish papers about robotics, biomaterials, metallurgy, and civil engineering in high-impact journals.

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AJE has helped authors publish papers about logic, statistics, algebra, and topology in high-impact journals.

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