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American Journal Experts (AJE) is the largest scientific, technical, medical, and humanities editing service in the world. Since 2004, we have been the leader in academic editing, helping tens of thousands of international researchers. With thousands of highly-qualified editors from the top research universities in the USA, we have subject-expert editors in hundreds of areas of study to correct your manuscript. Whether you are submitting a 300-word abstract or a 50,000-word thesis, our staff specializes in language polishing and will carefully correct any errors in spelling, grammar, and word choice. After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality.

▸  Our Approach

AJE will match your paper to a skilled editor in your field, and it will receive additional revision based on the level of service you select. You can instantly view all the pricing options for all services by visiting our online pricing calculator.

Publication Ready Editing Service

Publication Ready Editing starts with our Premium Editing service by delivering a highly polished manuscript with attention to consistency and style. Then, an AJE Research Communication Partner provides even more assistance with the publication process.

  • We will provide a journal submission cover letter specific to your paper with the information our experts know editors expect to see.

  • We will provide Journal Selection Assistance by providing an expert interpretation of JournalGuide to help you select a target journal or a new journal if your article is not accepted at your first choice.

  • Our Reviewer Response Assistance will help you improve the language and tone of your response to editor and reviewer comments.

AJE’s Editing Certificate

Every paper submitted to us for document editing is also eligible for an editing certificate. You can submit the certificate to your journal along with your final draft to prove that your manuscript has been edited and approved by professional editors. Our editing certificate enables your reviewers to verify that your paper has already been edited for English language and is therefore one step closer to publication. Because our Premium and Publication Ready services are so thorough, we guarantee that all of those submissions will receive an editing certificate. Not every paper using our Standard service earns a certificate, but every document will be considered.

▸  Quality Guarantee

Premium Editing

Our Premium Editing service provides more robust editing support designed for customers seeking a greater degree of assistance with their manuscript. Furthermore, we will continue to re-edit your document for free until it has been published.

Standard Editing

Our Standard Editing Service provides thorough editing of manuscripts already in English. The completed manuscript you receive from AJE is covered by our editing guarantee. If our paper is rejected by your journal for English language errors, we promise to re-edit your document for free. If you need to add content or make substantial changes after receiving comments from the journal editor or reviewers, you may resubmit your paper for a re-edit at a $40 discount. Every paper submitted for our Standard service is also eligible to receive the AJE Editing Certificate.

It should be noted that material added to your paper after our editors work on your manuscript is not included in this guarantee. For this reason, we recommend that you send us your final draft when you make a new submission. After our language polishing, you will receive a Word document file with tracked changes and editor comments. If you need to add sections to your paper to address any comments or questions, you can send your manuscript back to us for re-editing and AJE will provide you with a $40 discount on this service.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

▸  Our Services

We offer three levels of paper editing: Standard, Premium and Publication Ready.

Editing Service Level Comparison Chart

  Standard Premium Publication Ready
AJE Editing Certificate yes yes yes
Natural phrasing/syntax yes yes yes
Word choice (including field terminology) yes yes yes
Grammar yes yes yes
Punctuation yes yes yes
Spelling errors yes yes yes
Style none yes yes
Consistency in terminology, abbreviations, etc. none yes yes
Additional rounds of editing none yes yes
Personal service and assistance from an AJE Research Communication Partner none yes yes
Journal cover letter writing none none yes
Journal selection assistance none none yes
Reviewer response assistance none none yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to acknowledge American Journal Experts in my paper. How should I do so?

    Editorial assistance is commonly acknowledged in scholarly manuscripts, and we would gladly accept your acknowledgment.  If you choose to thank us in your paper, here are some samples that you can use. Please be sure to tell us when your work is published so we can share your publication success with all of our customers!

    Sample Acknowledgements

    • We thank American Journal Experts (AJE) for English language editing.
    • This manuscript was edited for English language by American Journal Experts (AJE).
  • Who are your editors?

    Our editors have or are currently completing a Masters, Ph.D. or M.D. program from the top research universities in the U.S. They are all native English speakers, and must meet rigorous selection standards. Read more about their qualifications on the Our Editors page.

  • What is an AJE Research Communication Partner?

    Both our Premium and Publication Ready Editing services provide access to a Research Communication Partner (RCP). RCPs are quality control editors who have a thorough knowledge of our services and the publication process. You can contact your RCP with any concerns or questions you may have about the editing process, specific sections of your manuscript, or other services. Your RCP is available while your manuscript is being edited and will continue to help you with your manuscript until your paper has been published.

  • What is the difference between Standard, Premium, and Publication Ready Editing services?

    Standard Editing is performed by one subject-area expert editor and approved by a quality control editor. Any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word usage errors will be corrected, but your editors will not try to improve the style or flow of your paper as they would a Premium submission. All Standard submissions are eligible (but not guaranteed) to earn an editing certificate. With Standard Editing, you can receive a discount on a re-edit for any revisions.

    Premium Editing is performed by two subject-area editors and approved by a quality control editor. In this process, the first editor will correct spelling, grammar, word usage, and punctuation errors. The second editor will alter sentences that sound awkward or unnatural and may point out portions of the document that are vague, confusing, or need to be rewritten. Premium Editing also includes a letter from the senior editor that addresses any concerns or comments that the editors may have about your paper. Because our Premium service is so thorough, we guarantee that all Premium submissions will receive an editing certificate. Furthermore, we will continue to re-edit your document for free until it has been published. Premium also includes the support of an AJE Research Communication Partner who can provide you with personal assistance on your manuscript. This service provides more robust editing support designed for customers seeking a greater degree of assistance with their manuscript.

    Publication Ready Editing includes Premium Editing and provides an AJE Research Communication Partner (RCP) to help you navigate the process of publishing. To speed up submission and improve your chances of success, your AJE RCP will use knowledge of journal editor expectations to write a cover letter specifically for your paper. Most manuscripts are not accepted on initial submission, and with Publication Ready Editing, your AJE RCP is available to provide Reviewer Response Assistance when you receive comments from peer reviewers and Journal Selection Assistance if you need to change your target journal. Publication Ready Editing is the best service for customers looking for assistance with the process of publication and the best level of editing at AJE.

  • Does your editing service include formatting?

    We do not automatically include formatting in all of our editing services because not all customers require formatting. Would you like to have your paper edited to match a journal’s specific style, grammar, and formatting requirements? Would you like your paper’s formatted elements – such as cover sheets, and abstracts – to be corrected or even added? Then try our Manuscript Formatting service today.

  • Will you help me re-edit my paper?

    We understand that even after receiving your final edited document from AJE, you may have to make additional changes or additions before submitting it to your journal. Additionally, reviewers often require a round of revision before accepting a paper. If you use our Standard editing service, you may resubmit your paper to us for a re-edit at a $40 discount. If you select our Premium or Publication Ready Editing service, we will re-edit your work until your manuscript is published.

  • Will you help me to reduce the word count of my paper?

    None of our services will rewrite text or remove content, and our Standard Editing service will not shorten any part of your manuscript. However, our Premium and Publication Ready Editing services will help you reduce the word count of your abstract by cutting unnecessary words and offering suggestions; you can then revise your paper and submit it for free re-editing. Please include instructions about your required word count when you upload your paper through your AJE account.

  • Do you recommend journals?

    Publication Ready Editing includes Journal Selection Assistance. To get started, contact your AJE Research Communication Partner after submitting your paper, and they will ask you what you are looking for in a journal and suggest several journals based on your paper and information in JournalGuide.

    If you are getting Standard or Premium Editing and would like a recommendation, JournalGuide is a free tool that allows researchers to search and compare journals that have accepted manuscripts similar to yours. Also, the Rubriq service provides researchers with a comprehensive review of their manuscript, as well as recommendations of best-fit journals that include likelihood of acceptance at each.

  • Do you edit LaTeX documents?

    AJE now supports direct editing of LaTeX files in the following areas of study:

    • Economics
    • Business
    • Finance/Accounting
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics/Statistics
    • Physics
    • Computer Science

    To submit a manuscript for editing directly in LaTeX in these areas of study:

    • Submit your work for editing.
    • Select any editing timeline that is six days or longer
    • Upload your LaTeX file in the document upload section of the process.
    • Please note: Only manuscripts written in English are eligible for direct editing in LaTex. Also, files edited in LaTeX will not have changes tracked. However, in many cases, we are able to generate a PDF of the file, showing our changes tracked.

    Work outside of the fields of Economics, Business, Finance/Accounting, or Engineering can still receive editing at AJE. If your LaTex manuscript is not related to any of these fields, please convert your file to another format. To do this, save your file as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file before submitting it for editing. We will also need you to upload a PDF of your manuscript as a secondary file for your editors’ reference.

  • Do you guarantee my paper will get published?

    Publication is a subjective process, so we are not able to guarantee that you will be published after you use our services. We do guarantee that we will re-edit your paper for free if it is rejected by a journal for reasons of English language alone.

  • How do I collect on your guarantee?

    Please e-mail us the same draft of your paper that you submitted to your journal along with all of your reviewers’ comments. We will review your files immediately and contact you with additional advice.

  • What is the AJE Editing Certificate?

    AJE will provide a certificate confirming that your paper was edited by a native English speaker at AJE and, assuming all of the changes we proposed are incorporated into the manuscript, is ready for journal submission. It will allow journal editors to feel confident that the English language in your paper has been reviewed and verified. This certificate is limited to documents that are deemed the highest quality AJE submissions (documents that require only one round of language editing from AJE before they are publication ready). Not every paper will earn a certificate but every paper will have the opportunity. Visit our Certificate Program page to learn more.

  • What is Reviewer Response Assistance?

    As part of our Publication Ready Editing service, your personal AJE Research Communication Partner (RCP) can assist in any communications between you and journal reviewers. If your manuscript requires any revisions, our RCPs can provide interpretation of reviewer comments and edit your responses so that they effectively argue for acceptance and publication of your work.