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American Journal Experts (AJE) is dedicated to providing high-quality manuscript services to the research and academic communities. We specialize in helping international researchers, scientists and scholars to prepare their manuscripts for publication. To do this, we have developed a variety of services for a wide range of areas of study.

Below is an overview of each of our services. You can use our pricing calculator to display all the options and specific prices available for your particular paper. To get started, simply sign up, select your services and upload your files.


Make a great first impression with AJE editing services. Our editors will help polish your manuscript for greater impact.

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Translation with Editing

Get published in English language journals. AJE uses subject experts fluent in your language to make sure your work's meaning is preserved in translation.

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Manuscript Formatting

Save time and eliminate frustration with manuscript formatting. Ensure your manuscript is tailored to your journal's author guidelines.

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If your manuscript contains figures, try AJE figure formatting services. Our experts will ensure that your figures are impactful and in keeping with journal guidelines.

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Increase your chance of publication in high-impact journals with Rubriq, a pre-submission peer review service that provides researchers with advice for improving their manuscript from published academics.

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Services for Journal Publishers

American Journal Experts (AJE) is the leader in journal preparation for manuscripts, and offers its editing, translation and formatting services to publishers as well as to individual authors.

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