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자주 묻는 질문

  • How was the language assessment tool built?


    根据英文语言质量的高低,从 1-10 分对超过 30 万篇各领域的学术论文进行评分。然后使用这 30 多万篇学术论文对 AI 模型进行训练。

  • What does my language quality score mean?

    AJE 专有的英语语言质量评分工具将您的学术论文与其他数千篇经过编辑和未经编辑的 AJE 论文进行可读性、语法、一致性和清晰度的比对分析。

    通过一项 AJE 编辑服务进行编辑的论文与未经编辑的 AJE 论文相比,平均质量分数在第 96 百分位。 与未经编辑的 AJE 论文数据相比,经过 AJE 的一项编辑服务的论文平均质量分数为第 96 百分位。

  • What is my language quality score based on?

    Your score is based on how the quality of English in your paper compares to the other papers in our dataset. Scores take into account all aspects of readability in English, including grammar, consistency, and clarity.

  • The benefits of creating a secure account

    AJE’s grammar check will provide a language quality score on your document within seconds and will show you where your score fits relative to hundreds of thousands of other academic documents across all areas of study. We encourage you to create a free account so that you can save your past reports and access a more comprehensive free report about your writing quality.

    Once you are logged in to our secure site, you will have access to data about errors in phrasing, word choice, grammar and mechanics, punctuation, and consistency within your document. With this additional context, you will be better equipped to address any issues and progress quickly toward your publication or funding goal.

  • About AJE

    AJE was founded in 2004 with a mission to help academic researchers from around the world communicate their findings in English-language journals. Our sister company, Research Square, launched the world’s fastest-growing preprint platform in 2018 to help authors share their work early, gather feedback, and make improvements before beginning the peer review process. Over the past 17 years, we have brought together scholars with advanced degrees, software engineers, customer support specialists, and publishing professionals to build an organization that puts the author first. We understand the challenges of academia – from getting funded to getting published to getting discovered and everything in between. We are here to help save you time, communicate more effectively, and make a bigger impact with your research.

    Our team has edited over 700,000 technical and academic documents, maintaining the highest-quality standards while providing world-class customer service. This expertise, coupled with years of data to calibrate readability, has enabled us to leverage machine learning technology to instantly assess the English quality in academic text. We are happy to share this technology with you as a free and fast way to check your writing quality before making a first impression with a journal editor or funder.␣