AJE's Free Grammar Check for Scientists and Academics

The AJE grammar check tool is free to use. AJE's grammar check tool checks your academic paper for clarity, incorrect grammar, readability, and consistency.

Updated on April 20, 2021

aje's free grammar check for scientists and academics

Automated academic grammar checker

Do not let grammar be a deciding factor in manuscript rejections. AJE's free grammar check helps you assess whether or not your paper could benefit from revisions. Get started by clicking here.

Check your research paper for readability with AJE's free grammar check tool. Our tool rates your paper based on the academic English language quality of your paper using metrics specific to academics within the seven major fields of study: Clinical Medicine, Life Science, Physical Science, Business and Law, Humanities and Social Science, Engineering and Materials Science, and Mathematics and Computer Science.

AJE's Grammar Check looks for:

  • Clarity
  • Readability
  • Incorrect Grammar
  • Consistency

A free online grammar check specifically for academics

Help your research get heard

Poorly communicated research is simply less likely to be published in academic journals. Communicating science in the English language can be difficult and confusing. Native and non-native English speakers, regardless of their language skills, should have their manuscripts reviewed before submission.

The AJE Grammar Check tool can help you determine the clarity of your academic paper, find grammatical mistakes, and ensure a better understanding of your research within your area of study. With AJE's Grammar Check, researchers can think about their next research project and let AJE think about the grammar in their academic paper or grant application. Start your grammar check here.

The benefits of checking your grammar

Avoid rejection due to poor grammar

Papers can be in a journal's peer review queue for many months, sometimes years. According to a study in the Journal of Epidemiology, 62% of accepted submissions were rejected at least once. A paper's rejection after a long-awaited response can be frustrating for any author. Imagine the frustration if the article were rejected due to an avoidable issue, like poor grammar.

The AJE grammar check tool is free to use. And if your paper is submission-ready, our proprietary system will make you aware.

Get peace of mind with a free grammar check

Get results in minutes

Only 7.6% of manuscript submissions to Nature journals were published in 2017.

Researchers often work long hours and late nights to solve real-world problems. Much of that research deserves to be heard, yet only a small percentage make it into the most competitive journals. Don't let grammar be the reason why your paper was rejected.

There are many reasons a paper may need expert assistance : an edit or review to ensure your language is clear to your audience, a full translation by a native English speaker with an advanced degree to help share your research with the broader community, or formatting to meet the requirements of a specific journal. Whatever the case, we have the expertise and solutions to help. Get peace of mind by checking the grammar in your academic paper.

Why use AJE Grammar Check?

AJE is trusted by more than 3,000 academic journals

The AJE Grammar Check tool compares your academic paper to hundreds of thousands of edited and unedited papers that were hand-scored for clarity, readability, grammar, and consistency. The grammar check tool populates a score of 0-10, with a higher score indicating higher English language quality. Papers that underwent editing through one of AJE's editing services have an average quality score in the 96th percentile when compared to unedited submissions.


The AJE Grammar Check tool will review your research paper for proper technical grammar and provide you with a score.


A common spell check tool can find obvious misspelled words, but AJE's grammar check tool is designed for complicated technical words commonly used within academic papers.


How clear is your technical writing? The AJE Grammar Check tool takes context and sentence structure into account when analyzing your academic manuscript.


A common problem with academic writing is inconsistency in the use of abbreviations or technical terms. Our tool looks for these key signals when performing its analysis.

What is AJE's Language Quality Score?

After a paper has gone through the grammar check process, the paper is given a quality score of 0-10. The Language Quality Score was developed by AJE and is designed specifically for the field-specific language commonly used by researchers.

The higher the score, the better the use of English within the submitted academic paper.

More than just checking your grammar

A division of Research Square Company, AJE offers a full suite of services aimed at improving your academic writing. AJE offers several levels of field-specific academic language editing by native English speakers with advanced degrees. AJE also offers academic translation into English from Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

Research Square also offers preprints, infographics, and video services. Professional infographics can help you explain complex ideas or data in your paper. Videos about your study can help you share your research on social media, attract media coverage, or get discovered by potential funders.

About American Journal Experts

AJE, a division of Research Square Company, exists to make research communication faster, fairer and more useful. Through English editing and our comprehensive suite of author services, we are proud to have supported over 2.5 million researchers in 192 countries since our founding in 2004. By helping researchers achieve publication success, we accelerate the pace of global discovery and advancement.

For more information on our services and partnership opportunities, visit AJE.com

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