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Peer Review: How We Found 15 Million Hours of Lost Time

Understand the ethical implications related to the peer review process, as an author, reviewer, or editor.


Research Communication, Funding, and Prioritization [Video]

Watch this video to learn about the value of research funding and how it can positively impact communities that are making the investment.


Reader Favorites: Scholarly Publishing Resources

Some of the most popular downloadables on the AJE Author Resource Center.


Video Transcript: Measuring the Impact of Your Research Papers and Videos

Here is the transcript from AJE's video on tracking the success of research video content.


Video Transcript: How to Share Your Research Video

This is the transcript from AJE's video about sharing your research through video content.


Stereotypes Scientists are Sick of Hearing [Infographic]

Have you heard this story before? A bright young scientist gets her degree in food chemistry and now gets asked medical questions by her friends and family.


7 Tips for Better Communication with Colleagues in Your Lab

Life in the lab can be challenging. Here are 7 tips for less conflict and better relationships with your lab group.


AJE's reflections on the 2016 Nobel science winners

Researchers from AJE's team explain why this year's Nobel winners deserved their awards.


Lab Monsters [Infographic]

Infographic of 5 types of monsters you might find in your research lab and tips on how to work with them.


Recipe for Research Publication Success [Infographic]

View this infographic on creating a successful research manuscript. Find information on creating figures, sections of a manuscript, and crafting the title.


10 Most Popular Resources for Researchers in 2016

AJE’s top 10 most viewed resources for researchers in 2016.


6 Great Gifts for Scientists

Here are 6 great gift ideas if you are shopping for a scientist.


Research Abstracts, Grants, and Theses: More Resources to Help You Write Effectively

A list of free resources to help you write an effective research abstract, grant, fellowship application, or thesis.


Agile Project Management: Tips & Tools for the Editorial Office [Video]

Agile encourages people to embrace change, plan as you go, and change course when things aren’t working. Learn how Agile concepts can help you work more effectively in any environment.


Research Communication, Funding, and Prioritization [Video]

Watch this video to learn about the value of research funding and how it can positively impact communities that are making the investment.


The Role of a Publication Officer: How One Institution is Working to Bridge the Manuscript Submission Gap for Researchers [Video]

Learn about the challenges that researchers experience when trying to publish their work. A publication officer from Duke University shares her knowledge from working with researchers at Duke University’s Department of Pediatrics Clinical Research unit.


2018 Nobel Prize Winners and Reflections from AJE

Learn more about the 2018 Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology or Medicine Nobel Prizes in this article.


AJE 15th Anniversary Videos

Watch our 15th anniversary videos to hear from our employees and founder.


Research Conferences: 10 Tips to Maximize Your Experience

Conferences can benefit researchers’ labs and careers. Learn 10 ways to make the most of your time at one!


Top 15 Journals AJE Customers Publish In

Here are the top 15 journals that AJE customers publish in.

13 of AJE's Editors

AJE has a team of hundreds of people who are committed to helping researchers. Meet 13 of our Editors.


Top 12 Countries AJE Serves

Here are the top 12 countries that AJE serves.

11 of AJE's Leaders

Meet 11 leaders at AJE.

10 Research Communication Partners at AJE

Learn more about AJE's Research Communication Partners!

9 AJE Customer Testimonials

Read what some of our customers shared about working with us in these 9 customer testimonials.

8 AJE Support Team Members

Meet some of AJE's Customer Support Team members.

7 Members from AJE's Translation Team

Learn more about AJE's Translation Team.


6 Services that AJE Offers to Support Researchers

Learn about 6 services that AJE offers to help researchers communicate their research.

5 Awards that AJE and our Parent Company, Research Square, Have Received

Over the years, our company has received awards for our business and work environment. Learn more about them.

4 of the Top Words Associated with AJE

Here are 4 words our team used to describe AJE and their role.

AJE's Uniques

Learn about the aspects that make AJE unique.


2 Testimonials from AJE's Partners

View testimonials from two of our partners!

AJE: One Amazing Brand Working to Make the World a Better Place [Letter from Our Founder]

Read this letter from our founder as he looks back over the last 15 years and looks forward to the future.

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