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Free Webinar on Creating Figures

The American Geophysical Union, one of AJE’s partners, offered a free webinar, “Creating Figures for Scientific Posters.” The recorded webinar and slides are available for viewing.

This webinar was led by Ashley Smith, PhD. In this presentation, Dr. Smith discussed figure file types, figure creation, and how to incorporate color into figures. She shared information about lossy versus lossless and how each type impacts the quality of a figure. She reviewed the types of figures that researchers may use, depending on the data that they are presenting, and she discussed the elements that make a visually-appealing figure. She also included information about how researchers can add color to their figures to make a great impact visually.

Dr. Smith is an Academic Illustrator II at AJE, where she helps researchers communicate their work. Having worked in research for almost 12 years, she uses her scientific knowledge and graphic design expertise to format figures and to create custom illustrations for researchers. She has been with AJE since 2013. Prior to joining AJE, Dr. Smith earned her PhD in Pathobiology from Brown University. She received a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Chemistry from Roger Williams University.

View the webinar slides or recording to learn how to create compelling figures!

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