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Stereotypes Scientists are Sick of Hearing [Infographic]

Have you heard this story before? A bright young scientist gets her degree in food chemistry and now gets asked medical questions by her friends and family.

We certainly have, and unfortunately, that’s not the only stereotypical thing we’ve ever heard about scientists. The AJE team includes more than 140 researchers, many of whom worked in scientific fields, so we know how many assumptions that are made when you tell someone you’re a scientist. (In case you’re unfamiliar with how prevalent stereotypes in science are, we recommend reading this article that includes a short experiment on children’s perceptions of scientists: “Scientists are “normal” people, children discover.” The difference in perception from before and after meeting real scientists is pretty astonishing.)

In an attempt to set the record straight (and maybe to have a little fun), we’ve created this infographic for you, for us, and for all scientists. We hope you enjoy, and we’d love to know what other stereotypes you’ve experienced or heard as a scientist. Write to us on Facebook or Twitter, and let us know!

If you can't see the infographic above, click here to see the PNG version.

Thanks to Ben Mudrak and Marek Łaska for contributing to this article.

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