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Revise your paper with ease

Ensure your writing meets the highest standards of academic communication.

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Streamline your editing process

Curie quickly identifies areas in your manuscript that require revision or refinement, saving you time.

Elevate the quality of your academic writing

Curie suggests improvements to clarity, precision, and style, so that you communicate your findings more effectively.

Tailor Curie's suggestions to your needs

Curie allows you to maintain control over your writing by delivering edits as tracked changes, allowing for easy review.

Make a stronger impression

Curie refines your language and structure, helping you make a stronger case for your scientific findings. With improved writing, your work will stand out and make a lasting impact.

Write in your language

Curie will expertly translate your writing for your next journal submission.

Gain confidence in your submission

Curie ensures accurate and reliable translations for academic and technical writing, eliminating the risk your research is changed or misrepresented.

Ensure consistency in terminology

Translate entire papers without changing the intent or structure of your work. Curie maintains consistency in scientific terminology, which is crucial for conveying research accurately.

Don’t let language barriers slow you down

Curie bridges language gaps, fostering seamless communication and helping you submit confidently to high impact journals.

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Choose the pricing plan that’s best for you, your team, or your institution.

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  • As many group members as needed
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Curie for Microsoft Word

Curie seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, bringing expert editing for researchers to where you already work.

"Our research group often demands an editing service to publish our articles in high impact journals on Agronomy and Horticultural Sciences. We have been using the AI Translation and Editing services from Research Square [AJE] since the beginning. This new technology is fast and very useful, and the web platform is easy to handle. As a result, we found out that the acceptance of our manuscripts in good journals is faster. We highly recommend the AI Translation/Editing service (Portuguese to English) of Research Square [AJE] to all research groups."

Prof. Dr. Sergio Ruffo Roberto

"My language score was 4-5 before I used your digital editing, now I'm 8-10 consistently. Not that it corrects my mistakes, it actually makes me a better writer."

Laszlo Pettruska

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