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Meet Our Editors: Shannon, Social Sciences and Humanities

Meet one of AJE’s Editors in the Social Sciences and Humanities

ST, AJE Social Sciences Humanities Editor

Shannon, AJE Editor

“I have been fortunate to edit some papers describing incredible insights into children’s health and well-being, and I hope that my work has helped them get published and into the hands of policy makers, clinicians and educators who can act to ensure that children have happier, healthier lives.”

How long have you been at AJE?

Eight and a half years

What is your educational background?

M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology (focusing on ages birth to three and social inclusion), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; B.A. in English, minor in Human Development, University of California, Davis

Which areas of study do you edit most often?

Nursing, Psychology, Education, and Pediatrics. I espcially enjoy Forensic Medicine, Special Education, Maternal-Fetal Medicine (Ob/Gyn), and any paper that relates to language development or early childhood education!

Please describe how working at AJE has impacted you.

I love being able to do satisfying, intellectually stimulating and meaningful work that combines both my love for written language and my knowledge of health and human development.

What was the last trip you took?

My last trip was to New York City! It was my first time visiting, and I can’t wait to go back! My list of places I want to visit is a mile long, Costa Rica is near the top - I’d love to go someplace where I can see monkeys in the wild!

What have been your favorite experiences working at AJE?

I’ve really enjoyed doing peer interviews for potential new Editors. So many of the candidates we interview are truly impressive (as are our employees!) - I’m honored to be able to work with them!

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

I have three kids, so I spend a lot of time taking them to music, dance and acting lessons and rehearsals and watching them perform! Fortunately, I love music and theater and take great joy in watching the kids develop their talents in these areas and in exposing them to as much live performance as we can manage, including concerts and touring Broadway musicals. I also love going to museums, spending time at the river with the kids and our puppy and reading and relaxing with our three cats.

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