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Testimonials from France

j. perrin

Very good job: accurate, efficient and quick. Our study is now published. I recommend AJE for editing manuscripts before submission.


American Journal Experts was very very helpful for editing figures and correcting and editing my article. It was my first use of AJE and I'm totally satisfied. My article was accepted in the first chosen review without any comments on english style and writing . Thank you AJE.


Dear AJE team, Your team is available so that it is very helpful ! I managed to published 5 manuscripts thanks to your help. You can imagine how important it is for academic involvment !


It was the second time I used AJE editing services, each time I got helpfull comments and corrections, improving a lot the papers quality. They are really proffessional and I will use it again next time I have to send a paper in English.

A. Amiri

I have send my paper to Amercian Expert for English proofreading and their corrections and comments are very careful. I was very happy with the result.

F. Angoulvant

Once more wonderful job. Quick, reliable and cheap. Thanks a lot


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