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Testimonials from Colombia

D. Gualtero

We had great experience with AJE Premium service. We always received the best support in each process of publication. The article was approved in Journal of Periodontology, and for this reason, I recommend AJE to my colleagues.

N. Urbina-Cardona

I had a great experience using the standard editing service of AJE. I think the platform is friendly, and the service is quick and efficient. Finally, this manuscript was published in BIOTROPICA scientific journal (ISI Impact factor 2.29).

J. Zuleta Tobon

Previamente he usado el servicio de edición y la experiencia fue exitosa. El proceso para la solicitud del servicio es muy fácil y ágil, la traducción fue rápida, dentro del tiempo prometido y el documento final refleja fielmente lo que queríamos expresar.

J. Sepúlveda-Arias

I sent my first paper for english proofreading to AJE on 2009 and send it for publication. I did not get any criticism concerning English quality. The paper was accepted for publication. In one of the last papers I sent to AJE the managing editor made very important suggestions to improve the scientific content of the paper. I am very happy with the service provided by AJE and for this reason I always recommend AJE to my colleagues.

M. Arias

I used AJE for my manuscript and it was published in BMC Clinical Pharmacology, this help was important to be in this important journal.


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