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Testimonials from United States

g. chen

非常感谢AJE,润色的效果很好! 我的一篇重要的SCI文章,AGU旗下的Earth and Space Science 杂志,杂志对格式和语言的要求很高。我的文章的一审是小修,提交修改稿之后主编认为文章语言需要注重修改,于是我就准备进行语言润色编辑。 AGU推荐的英文润色公司就是AJE,于是我选择AJE对我的做文章进行修改检查。经过AJE润色好之后,我再次submit,在圣诞假期到来之前收到了文章的接收函。从而有了一个快乐的圣诞假期。鉴于AJE出色的服务,以后还会继续使用AJE!

G. Shah

Thanks to AJE my article was published in the American Journal of Case reports on 03/22/2018.

M. Chambers

AJE provided professional and extraordinarily pristine editing for my research paper. I recently received notice that my manuscript was accepted without further revision after going through a double-blind peer-review. My article will be published in the International Journal of Business and Social Science. When it comes to professional, expert, quality editing, I highly recommend AJE.

H. Kim

I am very satisfied with the editing, which is well cared and throughly done.

L. Barella

American Journal Experts are doing an excellent work. Lately we had papers accepted in highly competitive journals, and all of them had an AJE editing before. We strongly recommend AJE.

G. Haynes

I have submitted my article to the national league of nursing and I was proud of the editing job. I received the job back in a timely manner and the suggestions were easy correct and extremely helpful. I will be using this service on a regular basis.


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