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Testimonials from Taiwan

I. Chen

I am a loyal user of AJE and has been using it since 2008. I have witnessed the development of AJE. Without a doubt, AJE is the only proofreading company I trusted much enough that I found myself hard to try the others. Indeed, I tried related services from other companies several years ago. However, none of them, frankly speaking, competes for AJE, in terms of editing services as well as customer services. I won't say that any paper that was edited by AJE can be accepted because language is not the only element for a paper to be accepted by a journal. However, I would say that AJE's editing service helps you clearly explain your research questions and contributions to the readers such as the journal editors and reviewers. I hence recommend AJE to anyone who wishes to improve the readability of the manuscript in a significant way. I myself will keep trusting AJE's service for my future research.

L. Chen

AJE 幫助我們論文的文稿更佳精準地使用英文,最棒的是它支援無限次數的免費編修服務,同時還免費幫忙我處理Cover Letter及Response Letter,最後論文得以順利被接受發表!下次還會考慮使用AJE服務。

一. 吳

【謝謝AJE,讓paper順利發表】 原本以為文稿已經無誤了,但在first round卻收到refree抓到文句與文法錯誤, 所以editor建議能送到nature合作的出版社AJE作proofreading. 但,專業就是不一樣。潤飾後的文稿,不僅文句通順整體也顯得專業許多。 在second round後就直接被accepted,順利發表。

Y. Chen


C. Chou


詮. 邱

相當盡責的編輯,對於內文有疑慮之處,也主動給予建議 透過高級潤色服務,成功的將稿件投至Q1 的期刊並發表


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