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Testimonials from Netherlands

M. Baumer de Azevedo Della Libera

I am impressed with the editing I just received from you. It feels like you knew my subject as much as I did. Thanks a lot!

R. Niks

I have sent two manuscripts to the AJE, and both times I was very happy with their careful corrections and recommendations. The suggestions were all very valid, and I learned a lot, for example using the correct prepositions (at, in, etc) properly. The style of the corrector was very polite and modest, and they explained at some places the reason of the change. Never they changed the scientific meaning. And they are quick and not more expensive than, for example, running another reaction in the lab! So, I recommended AJE already to all my colleagues at the lab, and they are as positive as I am.

T. Ren

For my PhD thesis, I have used AJE's service. It was very helpful for me to find those mistakes I make often. Their price is also very competitive. I would strongly recommend it to PhD students.-T. Ren, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

E. Tan

I have recently started using AJE for my manuscripts. They have made some valuable recommendations, in which the manuscript has really improved. The convenient way of uploading and the short time they need to edit a manuscript makes AJE ideal to fine tune your manuscript before sending it to an journal. I highly recommend it! Edward Tan, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands


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