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Testimonials from Japan

H. Suzuki

Dear researchers all around of the world, I have a surprise for everyone who concern about the level of the English language of their manuscript. Have you thought your manuscript is good enough to be published in a high quality journal? Have you submitted your excellent study to a prestigious journal and it has been rejected just because of your poor language? Do not worry! The AJE makes it possible for sure. Just have your manuscript polished with AJE and it's done! The AJE is such a miracle! Don't believe it? Give it a shot! I've published many papers in high quality journals just because of imaginary language editing made by the AJE. I am delighted with the fast and efficient editing which really improved the flow, and especially liked the editors summary with the suggestions to ameliorate my writing in the future. I will highly recommend AJE to my colleagues and will submit my manuscript in the nearest of my next future. Thanks so ever much the AJE.

T. Nakamura

The language editing service of the American Journal Experts is very helpful and my corrected article which was titled "The oral intake of organic germanium, Ge-132, elevates alpha-tocopherol levels in the plasma and modulates hepatic gene expression profiles to promote immune activation in mice" was accepted to the International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research.

H. Nishiura

I have used AJE for about 5 years. This time, my review was published by Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology. I think AJE works a good job to accept my manuscript. Probably, I use AJE before submitting my next paper. Thank you.

T. Iio

When I had to submit the summary of my doctoral thesis, the service of AJE occured to me. It was the only and best way to check the accuracy of my English. Also, I could ask a few questions about the corrections that AJE did on my writing. Of course, the university accepted the summary, and I'm writing this testimonial, glancing at my doctoral certificate on the wall.

K. Kimura

I edited English of my manuscript by the American Journal Experts (AJE). Recently, I received my manuscript back after it has been reviewed. The reviewers commented that the standard of English is acceptable. I am really grateful to the editors of the AJE. They not only edited the language, also gave me valuabe suggestions on technical aspects. Thanks so much.

A. Joshi

In first attempt get accepted a academic paper in the international journal was never easy job, until i know about AJE. They will give a prefect and correct advice before you submit a paper. It will not only reduce your stress but even improve your academic writing skill. Thank you very much for the great prompt service.


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