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Trends in Scholarly Publishing: A Look Back at 2015


The first AJE Annual Publishing Review provides a brief look at current publication trends, popular areas of study, and the journals and institutions with the most publications.

2015 Annual Publishing Review As a researcher, you invest much of your time and energies into your work. But have you ever wondered how much other researchers around the world or in other fields are publishing? What fields get the most attention? Which journals publish the most articles? And which institutions have the highest number of published articles?

Our AJE Annual Publishing Review answers these questions and provides a quick comparison of the growth of publishing scholarly articles over the past decade. Individual reports offer similar information specifically for China, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil. We invite you to take a look and see what your fellow researchers in your country and around the world have been working on.

Follow these links to download our free reports:

For more information about scholarly publishing, see our All About Journals series.

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