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How to Write the Summary in Your Response to Reviewers [Free Template]

How to write a summary in response to reviewers

Writing a response to peer reviewers isn’t an easy task. Sometimes, you need to communicate in a language that you aren’t as familiar with (English). Other times, there might be things that you would like to say, but shouldn’t.

Reviewers are also researchers, dedicating enormous amounts of time to improving science and helping fellow researchers, so good communication is helpful. In addition to using this guide to respond to peer reviewers’ suggestions, leading with a clear and concise summary will be most effective. Here are some tips and a summary template in English to help.

3 Ways to Write Better Reviewer Response Summaries in English

1. Include the important information toward the beginning.

In the first or second sentence of the summary (and in all correspondence with the journal), state the title of your manuscript and the ID number, if you received one when you submitted. This will help reviewers to quickly reference and locate your manuscript.

2. Say “thank you” once at the beginning and once at the end.

At AJE, when we edit responses for our customers, we’ve noticed that “thank you” or other terms of appreciation are sometimes stated repeatedly throughout the text. If you say thank you in the first sentence and again in the last sentence of your summary or comments, that is sufficient for reviewers to understand that you appreciate their time and suggestions.

3. Keep it short.

As you probably know, researchers are incredibly busy and have many different things to keep track of. By keeping your communication short (while still covering all important points), you are showing that you respect their time, and they will appreciate the brevity.

Example Summary for Peer Reviewers

Here is an example of a summary for your response to peer reviewers written in English. If you would like to use this as a template for your own responses, be sure to fill in the important information, such as the manuscript title and ID. If you would like to know more about our English editing services and how our team of PhDs can help with your manuscript or responses, please contact us.

Download the free English template to help you write a great summary response to reviewers.

For more resources on how to respond to peer reviewers or how to gain peer review experience, view our full list of resources here.

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