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Editing Tip: Using 'That' as a Complementizer

Though we often deal with the word that as a relative pronoun, we rarely talk about its other very common use as a complementizer, wherein it acts as a subordinating conjunction to introduce a clause. Using that as a complementizer is helpful when certain verbs (e.g., shows, says, indicates, proves)...

Editing Tip: “Due To” and “Because Of”

In this tip, we tackle two terms that can sometimes be interchanged but actually have some nuances related to their use: due to and because (of). Whereas because is a strict conjunction that only ever expresses causal logic (e.g., “for the reason that”), due to is a bit more complicated....


Glossary of Grammar

Welcome to our glossary of grammar! Here, you will find definitions for the key grammatical terms used in our articles and resources about academic writing. The glossary will expand as we continue publishing our series of tips. Click on a letter below to jump to that section. A B C...

Research Square, parent brand of AJE, joins COPE

In 2015, Research Square, AJE's parent brand, joined COPE to demonstrate its dedicated support to ethical practices in research communication.

Ethics and Author Services

Author services vendors play an important role for authors, journals, and publishers, and at best, they can support the interests and ethical behavior of everyone who participates in academic publishing. Because such vendors occupy an intermediate space among those parties, ethical vendors will display an understanding of publishing norms and...