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AJE Tips for Publication Success

This 11-page handout includes tips for writing different sections of a manuscripts and navigating the publishing process.

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AJE Tips for Writing Research Manuscripts AJE is dedicated to helping researchers around the world succeed. In addition to providing services such as editing, translation, formatting, and figure preparation, we also want to share our expertise through educational resources.

This 11-page handout is a small sampling of tips about the different sections of your manuscript, the publishing process, and writing/translating your content.

“Tips for Publication Success” covers

  • Manuscript Sections: Title and Abstract
  • Manuscript Sections: Introduction
  • Manuscript Sections: Materials and Methods
  • Manuscript Sections: Results
  • Manuscript Sections: Figures
  • Manuscript Sections: Discussion and Conclusions
  • Publishing: Choosing a Journal
  • Publishing: Formatting, File Formats, and References
  • Publishing: Authorship
  • Publishing: Cover Letter
  • Publishing: Rejection
  • Writing Tips: Editing
  • Writing Tips: Translation
  • Additional Resources and Links

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