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How to Write a Statement of the Problem for Your Research Proposal

You are a great researcher. You are full of ideas and questions as to where to go next with your work. You would not be in this position if you were not good at coming up with interesting questions within your area.


How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal

Research budgets have become more stressed, while funding agencies enforce strict guidelines and restrictions. At the same time, few researchers receive formal training on how to write effective grant applications. Writing better grant proposals will hugely improve your career prospects as a researcher.


Finding Collaborators for Grant Proposals

Securing funding, such as grants, and publishing papers, are probably a researcher’s two biggest ongoing challenges. They both become more manageable when you join up and work with others. Grant collaborators and research collaborators are (in)valuable for research quality and impact.


How to Write an Executive Summary for a Grant Proposal

Every successful grant proposal starts with an executive summary. The executive summary presents the key elements of your application in a condensed and engaging form. It’s also sometimes called a project description, abstract, or summary.


How to Become a Peer Reviewer for Journals

Early career researchers have many opportunities to participate in the peer review process, but becoming a peer review for the first time is not always easy. Here we guide you toward landing your first opportunity as a peer reviewer by sharpening and updating your credentials, networking, identifying the right journals...


Benefits of Promoting Your Research at a Conference

It’s important to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE your research work. And then PROMOTE it again.


How to Use Verb Tenses in Academic Writing

The use of tenses in academic writing is one of the most common questions we are asked in our workshops and training. As we will discuss, there are many different tenses in English:


What is the Background in a Research Paper?

An effective Background section in your manuscript establishes the context for your study. And while original research requires novel findings, providing the necessary background information for these findings may be just as important. It lets your readers know that your findings are novel, important, and worthy of their time and...


How to Tailor Your Research for a General Audience

Many researchers view their work as important only to the scholarly community. There’s no need to worry about sharing research outside of your immediate peer group of other interested colleagues.

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