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A researcher reading a rejection letter from a leading academic journal
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Things to Do After Scholarly Rejection

Getting over scholarly article rejection is difficult, but you often have options. Here we help you navigate the process for managing article rejections and considering those options before moving forward.

by Lubaina Koti, BS

10 min

two Contributing authors collaborating on a grant proposal
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Finding Collaborators for Grant Proposals

Securing funding, such as grants, and publishing papers, are probably a researcher's two biggest challenges, but they become more manageable when you find and work with collaborators. Here we show you how to make these collaborations happen.

by AJE Team

11 min

an engineering phd student incorporating creativity in her research manuscript
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The Value of Creativity in Research

While most people associate creativity with the arts and sciences, creative approaches can lead to novel ways of advancing research. Learn about the importance of creativity in science and how you can be more creative in your research here.

by Eliza McKowan, MS

4 min

Master's student considering effective research and project management
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Self-Management Skills of Effective Researchers

Self-management skills help researchers at all levels of their careers. They help you juggle time and your own personal life. No matter what your career level is, we have some important tips and advice to help you succeed at balancing your many demands.

by Eliza McKowan, MS

6 min

a peer reviewer reviewing research on a board
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How to Become a Peer Reviewer for Journals

Early career researchers have many opportunities to participate in peer review, but becoming a peer reviewer for the first time is not always easy. Here we guide you toward landing your first opportunities in this vital role for academics.

by Gareth Dyke, PhD

6 min




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