Author Patrick Applegate, PhD

At Research Square, Patrick Applegate manages the preprint production team and works on data science projects in Python.

Patrick Applegate, PhD

Patrick Applegate, PhD

Team Manager, Editorial Services

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a peer reviewer having language trouble while peer reviewing a manuscript
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Language-Related Challenges Encountered by Peer Reviewers and a Possible Solution: Commercial Language Editing Services

Peer review can be challenging for a variety of reasons, including if a reviewer is unable to fully understand the language in a manuscript. In this article, we discuss the potential solution provided by language editing services.

by Patrick Applegate, PhD

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researchers preparing to preprint academic manuscript
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Preprints Can Be Good for Your Research Career, but Community Involvement Is Needed to Evaluate Them

Preprints let you share your research early & can help you advance in your career.

by Patrick Applegate, PhD

10 min