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Contributing to the Academic Conversation: Key Questions to Ask of Your Humanities Research

Brandon Jernigan, Peter Marbais, and Deric Corlew also contributed to this article.


Editing Tip: Writing in Gender-Neutral Language

Using gender-neutral language requires some extra effort, but in the end, doing so will save you time editing your article for submission and will increase your chances of getting published. In addition to communicating sexism in subtle ways, using exclusively masculine nouns and pronouns to refer to both men and...

How to Begin Publishing in the Humanities

If you are a graduate student in the humanities, adding that first publication to your academic CV can be a long and anxiety-provoking process. Luckily, there are ways to start working on your publication record before you publish your first peer-reviewed article. Listed below are a few ideas that you...

How to Publish a Book Review

In another article, we presented academics new to publishing with some suggestions regarding how to begin their publication record in the humanities. Here, we will devote more attention to the book review since it is relatively easy to accomplish and an established form of academic publishing that can be added...

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