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State of Authorship Report: Time and Costs Involved in Publishing Research

Download our free research paper containing data on the costs and time involved in publishing research.

by Jeffrey Grigston, PhD, MBA

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Understanding Submission and Publication Fees

A number of journals charge fees to authors of one kind or another. Pre-publication fees, such as a submission fee or membership fee, are less common. Researchers are more likely to encounter post-publications fees, such as an article processing charge or page fee.

by Michaela Panter, PhD

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Best Tips for Publishing Research: Advice from Global Researchers

Here are tips from other researchers on how to overcome different challenges when publishing your research.

by Theresa Somerville, BA

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Prepublication support is available for researchers worldwide
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The Role of a Publication Officer: How One Institution Is Working to Bridge the Manuscript Submission Gap for Researchers [Video]

In this video, a Duke University Publication Officer discusses challenges that researchers experience when trying to publish their work. Watch the video to learn more!

by AJE Team

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How to Choose Between General and Specialized Journals

  • Identifying a journal that relates to your field is relatively straightforward; however, deciding whether to submit your manuscript to a general, multidisciplinary journal or a specialized, discipline-specific one may be more nuanced.
  • It is important to consider the impact your work will have on researchers outside your field and the potential for greater exposure. excerpt: "Identifying a journal that relates to your field is relatively straightforward. What about deciding whether you should aim for a broad-scope journal or a specialized one?"

by Michaela Panter, PhD

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