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Creativity and Technology: Exploring AI Authorship

The article discusses the complex issue of authorship in academia and the art world. It highlights the various practices and controversies surrounding the concept of authorship, including ghost authorship and the contribution of apprentices in creating an artwork. The article also examines the role of AI in authorship and its potential impact on the current understanding of the concept.

by Cedric Chambers, MBA, BFA

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2 researchers deciding authorship roles on an academic manuscript
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First Author vs. Corresponding Author? How to Decide Which to Choose

This article discusses the importance of authorship in academic publishing. The first author executes a large portion of the work throughout the research process and signifies the researcher has provided the greatest intellectual contribution. The corresponding author is explicitly identified on the first page of the manuscript, is selected to further manage the pre and post-publication responsibilities, and serves as the point of contact for communication with a journal during the submission, peer review, and publication process.

by Charla Viera, MS

6 min

a compass pointing to the word "ethics"
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Expanding Your Publication Ethics

While it can take a long time to build up your reputation, it can be lost very quickly if you engage in unethical behavior. Here we familiarize you with the international ethical standards that you should follow when conducting and publishing your research.

by Jeffrey Robens, PhD

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