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two researchers practicing Best Practices for Generative AI in Research
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Best Practices for Generative AI in Research

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming academic research and scholarly writing. Ethical concerns persist, with the consensus being that researchers should always disclose AI use in publications. Human oversight is crucial to ensure accuracy and address AI-generated content's limitations.

by Charla Viera, MS

7 min

a researcher using AI to help them with their research
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AI Writing Tools: A Help or a Threat to AJE Language Editing Services?

Since the first spell checkers of the 1980s, computer users have employed AI writing tools. Over the years, development has kept pace with demand as new AI-based tools and services come online almost daily.  Not all AI writing tools are the same in purpose or quality. Doing a quick web search for “AI writing tools” returns over 2 billion results, and raises the questions, “Which tool or service do I need for my manuscript,” and “Which one can I trust with my work?”

by Charla Viera, MS

6 min

ai and authorship
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Creativity and Technology: Exploring AI Authorship

The article discusses the complex issue of authorship in academia and the art world. It highlights the various practices and controversies surrounding the concept of authorship, including ghost authorship and the contribution of apprentices in creating an artwork. The article also examines the role of AI in authorship and its potential impact on the current understanding of the concept.

by Cedric Chambers, MBA, BFA

8 min




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