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two researchers avoid plagiarism in research
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2023 Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism: How to Avoid Plagiarism in the World of AI

In the digital age, navigating plagiarism complexities safeguards ethical integrity. Innovations like AI both complicate and assist this process, helping authors protect their work and reputations.

by Charla Viera, MS

6 min

a researcher using AI to help them with their research
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AI Writing Tools: A Help or a Threat to AJE Language Editing Services?

Since the first spell checkers of the 1980s, computer users have employed AI writing tools. Over the years, development has kept pace with demand as new AI-based tools and services come online almost daily.  Not all AI writing tools are the same in purpose or quality. Doing a quick web search for “AI writing tools” returns over 2 billion results, and raises the questions, “Which tool or service do I need for my manuscript,” and “Which one can I trust with my work?”

by Charla Viera, MS

6 min




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