AJE Teams with Researcher App to Support Scholarly Authors

AJE is bringing author services to Researcher, a leading platform that brings the latest relevant scholarly articles to academics.

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DURHAM, NC, USA (September 15, 2020) – American Journal Experts (AJE) has partnered with Researcher, a leading platform that brings academics the latest relevant scholarly articles, to offer another crucial form of support: author services.

Through this partnership, leading global author services provider AJE will bring its editing, translation, formatting, journal recommendation, figure, and illustration services to Researcher’s one million-plus platform users, including early-career researchers and those who speak English as a foreign language. “Our organization was founded in 2004 to level the playing field for authors by breaking down any barriers created by language and allowing researchers to effectively communicate their work,” said Lindsay Miller, Strategic Partnerships Manager at AJE. “Through this partnership, Researcher and AJE are uniting to do just that.” These services will be made discoverable through Researcher’s platform. AJE’s highly trained PhD-level editors bring expertise across more than 450 areas of study in clinical medicine, the life sciences, social sciences, and humanities. “We’re delighted to be able to bring AJE’s English editing services to Researcher users,” said Olly Cooper, CEO of Researcher. “Facility with technical English should never be a barrier to communicating your research. AJE helps to ensure that the most important and highest quality work makes the impact it deserves to, no matter where it originates from.” To learn more about partnering with AJE, visit aje.com/partnerships, or contact Lindsay Miller at [email protected].

About AJE

AJE, a division of Research Square Company, exists to make research communication faster, fairer and more useful. Through English editing and our comprehensive suite of author services, we are proud to have supported over 2.5 million researchers in 192 countries since our founding in 2004. By helping researchers publish their work more quickly, we accelerate the pace of global discovery and advancement.

For more information on our services and partnership opportunities, visit AJE.com.

About Researcher

Researcher is a mobile and web platform that aims to make sure academics and scientists never miss important research. Users can follow the latest scholarly content from over 16,000 journals, pre-prints and companies, and Researcher combines them into one personalised social media style feed. Over 1.7 million academics are already using Researcher to stay up to date with the most recent and relevant publications.

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Published on 09/16/2020

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