Save time and gain confidence with AJE's AI editing technology

Since 2004, AJE has been the only sensible choice for authors aiming to prepare their manuscripts and share their research with the world in SCI-journals. We now bring that same expertise to you with AJE Digital, our new suite of digital editing and translation tools.


AJE Digital Editing

Edit your academic work with AJE Digital Editing, our newest product trained on millions of manuscripts. Built for researchers, it is a fast and flexible editing tool you can use for all your academic writing. The AI that powers AJE Digital has been trained on millions of manuscripts from more than 2000 areas of study, and each manuscript has been edited by some of the world’s best professional editors. Unlike our competitors, who train their AI only on papers that have already been edited, we train our AI on both the original and edited files—allowing us to make up to 3 times more changes with over 95% accuracy.

Get fast, reliable edits to your academic writing at an affordable price

Corrects grammatical errors and improves phrasing and word choice to ensure your manuscript is judged for the quality of the research, not the quality of the language

Annual Plan

AJE Digital Editing


$105 / year
30% limited-time discount

  • Unlimited access for one year
  • Best in class AI-driven technology built for academic research
  • Makes at least three times more edits than competitor tools and is more than 95% accurate

AJE Digital Translation + Digital Editing

AJE Digital Translation and Editing breaks down language barriers with state-of-the-art AI technology helping you speed up your publication success.

Our combined translation services and digital language editing gives you the confidence that your best work is presented to colleagues, peers, and publishers.

Our flexible digital translation and editing tool can be used for all academic tasks and retains the meaning of your text.

AJE Digital Translation + Digital Editing

As low as $69.30 per manuscript

  • Translates Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese to English in less than one business day
  • Built for academic research across more than 400 areas of study
  • Trained on hundreds of thousands of manuscripts
  • Can help ensure your research has the best possible chance of publication in SCI-listed international journals

Prof. Dr. Sergio Ruffo Roberto

Our research group often demands an editing service to publish our articles in high impact journals on Agronomy and Horticultural Sciences. We have been using the AI Translation and Editing services from Research Square [AJE] since the beginning. This new technology is fast and very useful, and the web platform is easy to handle. As a result, we found out that the acceptance of our manuscripts in good journals is faster. We highly recommend the AI Translation/Editing service (Portuguese to English) of Research Square [AJE] to all research groups.

Cátia Millene Dell Agnolo

I understand, with the help of AJE, that language should not be a barrier to our research. Even writing in English, scientific writing remains a challenge when the written language is not our mother tongue and with AJE, I no longer have that concern.