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Editing Tip: Quirks of Nanoscience Writing

The number of publications in nanoscience has rapidly increased in recent years, with a corresponding increase in the impact factors and number of nanoscience journals. As with any field of study, nanoscience has developed its own niche terms and writing conventions. The successful communication of research results in nanoscience depends...


Editing Tip: Proper Use of the Term 'Both'

The term both is commonly used in technical writing to indicate similarity between samples, datasets, or values. However, the dictionary definition of 'both' — “one and the other” — does little to clarify the meaning or proper use of this word. Furthermore, 'both' can be used as either a pronoun...


Editing Tip: Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions are pairs of phrases or words that are used to link two ideas. One correlative conjunction, “both…and,” was discussed as part of a previous editing tip. Other common examples include “either…or,” “neither…nor,” “not only…but also,” and “not…but.” Here, we review the use of these additional correlative conjunctions and...

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