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Author: Brandon Jernigan:

Brandon Jernigan, PhD

Brandon Jernigan, PhD

UX Designer and Writer

PhD, English
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Singular and Plural Forms in Scientific Writing

Learn how to avoid mistakes with plural forms in scientific writing.


Editing Tip: "A Few" vs. "Few"

Although 'a few' and 'few' are nearly identical, they carry very different emphases. 'A few' is used as a positive expression, simply indicating that the quantity in question is higher than two. The term 'few,' however, is most often used negatively to express a count that is low or lower...


5 Tips from the AJE Team for Working Remotely

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are working from home for the first time. The AJE team has a great deal of expertise in this realm. Check out the 5 tips AJE has for you.

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